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I probably have too many hobbies, but I like to keep busy.  Here is a list of interests I have accumulated.

  • Family - Any married man with a good family will tell you this is the number one priority.  I truly enjoy spending time with my wife and kids.  I feel this is my main purpose in life; everything else is icing.
  • Storm chasing - By far, my favorite hobby is storm chasing.  I have quite a few years experience at this, starting in 1998.  I had done over one year's worth of research and training before that to prepare myself.  Every year I attend various training and conferences to gain more knowledge, as well as the occasional chaser party for fun.  I'm now getting to the point where I feel I am competent at it and have a feeling for what is going to happen in most situations. I devote so much spare time to this hobby, it deserves it's own site. 
  • Geocaching - A hobby I first picked up to soak up the time I spend waiting for storms to fire, etc, when I am out storm chasing.  I have devoted more of my spare time to this than I had planned on, as this hobby is hard to keep yourself from.  Using a GPS, you find hidden containers (caches) that contain log books and items to trade.  These sites are located around the world, and are quite abundant here in the US.  You have probably walked close to one and not even known it was there.  I will probably devote a page to this hobby soon, but for now, here are some links for more info:
  • Paintball - What's not to like about shooting other people with a .68 in. ball of paint at high velocity.  Great way to take out a week's worth of frustrations.
  • Autos - I actually enjoy doing all my own auto work on my cars.  To tell you the truth, I don't trust mechanics; too many have either tried to pull a fast one on me (when I know better), or have made mistakes.  In my experience, it's better just to learn to do it yourself, so you know it's done right.  Plus, it saves a ton of cash. 
  • Computers and Technology - This is what I do for a living.  I may also include links for home theater, etc here.