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This is the home page of Hans Schroeder and his family.  Here you will find information on our lives, hobbies, and other things of interest to us.

Current News:

I am getting ready to reorganize my family's site, moving from here to schroeder5.com. Everyone in the family will have their own page, and more info will be available online. Hopefully the girls will be able to edit their own pages soon. Life is going well; at work, at home, in general. I started a consulting company with 3 others early this year, and that is going well ( Integrity Technology Consulting). I still work for the City of Edmond, and enjoy my work there also. When the new site is ready, I will either change the content here to link there or just redirect the entire site there.

More big changes... I left the City of Stillwater after 8 years of service, to now work for the City of Edmond as of Oct. 2006. At Stillwater, I had just become the web developer, which I was enjoying, but now I am a net admin, which is not olny challenging, but also involves many projects. It's a nice change, since I now drive 5 minutes to work instead of 1 hour, and the savings in gas are nice too. I now get to come home for lunch and see Becky and Colby, and can pick up the girls from school. Baylee, now in 3rd grade, got into Russell Dougherty, a smaller elementary school here in Edmond that allows for a little more focus. Katlyn, in 2nd, is still at John Ross, but should be able to start attending Russell Dougherty next year. Baylee's school is only about a block from my work. Colby will be 3 in a week, is growing fast, and should outgrow the girls in a couple years. Becky is still staying busy with The Pulse, which just started back up for the fall. Every year seems to be a little easier, as she has refined and streamlined her processes more and more. (I know honey, there is nothing easy about it ;) Life stays busy!

Life is going well for us. We made it through the summer. I purchased another probe for a bargain. Kudos to Kelly Baker, a chasing friend, who's step-son wanted to get rid of it, so he put me in touch. Two weeks after I got it, the auto tranny started leaking like crazy, but for the price I paid, it was expected. I swapped in a manual tranny, ecu, wiring harnesses, and a few other items out of my first and second probes. I wanted a manual anyway, so it was for the best that the auto went out. Baylee is starting soccer this year, and Katlyn has started ice skating lessons. The Studio looks to be off to a good start this year too. Becky had her wisdom teeth pulled recently, and is still recovering from that. After watching what she's been through, I'm not sure I want to get it done. I am continuing to add more pictures, both current and past, to our gallery, so go check it out. If you've signed up for an account, you can see the many family related photos. Keep checking back for more!

We've been busier than we'd like to be, but things are going well. However, last week I totalled the probe. No one was seriously injured, but legally I was to blame (I say legally because someone up front slammed on their brakes because they missed an exit). My laptop's lcd (display) panel was destroyed, but I found a dead laptop w/o motherboard or hard drive (both of mine worked) for $183 after shipping, and am actually working on it right now. I'll post pics of laptop after a bit. Pics of the accident can be found here. Oh, on a side note, I'm re-designing my page because I had needed to move it from another hosting company to mine : S-S-Hosting.com, and figured it was about time.

We are just past Colby's first birthday.  He's walking around and exploring.  The dance studio is going well, and is already making a profit.  Becky is up to almost 60 students now, that's with no advertising.  I still have more to do than I have time for: time flies.  Check out my new blog link to the left...  But make sure and read the disclaimer, there's a link to it in the description at the top.  ;)

We are all busy as always.  Colby is crawling and standing now, and likes to vocalize a lot.  We are so lucky to have such a happy baby who's in good spirits most of the time.  We just bought a dance studio for Becky, so she has now launched The Pulse Dance Studio.  Web site should be up in a month or two.  I may put some pics of the current studio on the family pics page.  There is lots to do to get ready for fall enrollment.

More pictures are posted, with more to come.  From now on, just click the family pages link to the left for access to that portion of the web site.  My involvement with various web sites and my new hosting service is growing rapidly.  Storm season is approaching fast, which is a good thing I suppose, I just hope I will have enough time to prepare for it.  :)

I am finally updating and putting out some more pics.  As of now, just Christmas Eve and Christmas pics are out there, but more to come, as all pics since Colby's B-day have been resized for the web.  Click for family pics.

Things are getting a bit more settled.  We finally sold and closed on our old house, Colby is letting us sleep through most of the night, and we're getting things settled in the new house.  If I have time today, I will post some new pics, otherwise I will let everyone know when they are out there.

I have added a login and password to our family pages area for privacy reasons.  You can read the elaboration on this and how to get the login and password on the new privacy page.

Election day!  Did you vote?  I am excited to watch the outcomes tonight, hopefully it will be decided by tomorrow.  In other news we got a new vehicle to accommodate all of us.  It is a 98 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer edition.  It's in very nice shape, and I've been informed I will not be storm chasing in it due to the deer incident I had in the probe last year.  I will have pics of it and more of Colby up in the next couple days.  Hopefully www.stormprobe.com will be up soon, to get ready for next season.

Well, we all made it home last Saturday.  Colby is healthy and doing well.,  The girls are getting along well with him, and like to hold his hand and him when they can.  Now it's time to start looking for a larger vehicle...  sigh.

Colby Craig Schroeder was born at 3:16 p.m. today!  Check out the link for more info.  More to come later...

It's been almost a year since I updated the news section of the web site.  I have been extremely busy.  We have since moved to Becky's parents' house temporarily, and have now moved into our new house.  We have been working almost constantly on getting our old house ready to sell.  We currently have a contract on it, so we'll see how that goes.  Becky is pregnant, due Oct 11, but but will probably go into labor before that...  :)   We're having a boy, named Colby Craig Schroeder.

Bought a newer Probe on Sunday, so the search for the replacement is over.  The new one is in good shape with only 104k miles.  It even comes with a few small battle scars pre-installed (a few hail dings).  Will have a few pics up soon.

Edited some links, will start the storm chasing page soon.

The start of my long overdue web page.  Check back often for updates.